Water purifiers with membranes

Membranes are very thin sheets of plastic material has very small holes or pores. The size of pores in this filter differ according to the type of water purification membranes. There are different types of membranes categorized according to their pore size and they include;

  • Micro-filtration membranes
  • Ultra-filtration membranes
  • Nano-filtration membranes NF
  • Reverse Osmosis RO membranes


The Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration is the considered to be one of the best water filtration methods and it is also very very popular. It also provides outstanding drinking water anywhere it can be used because membranes used in the RO have the smallest pore but they are a bigger than the water molecules allowing the water molecules to easily pass through but fortunately the larger molecules will not pass through. The membranes are also best used in the groundwater water processing, for wastewater and even surface water. Membranes are the only ones that are very competitive for conventional techniques.

There is no doubt that membranes are the best media for filtering water. They have been designed to purify water in the best efficient way possible. It is great purifier for water that has salt like the sea water by removing almost all the chemicals in the water. The only thing that is going through the pore holes of the RO membrane is water and molecules smaller than the water such as CO2 gas. These smaller molecules are not as harmful as the larger molecules such as salt and organic molecules. The Reverse Osmosis Water filters is also used by the bottled water manufacturers’ aswell to purify the water that is being sold to us. The membrane acts as a very specific filter that will let water flow through and catches organic impurities.
The use of membrane has increased in the past years because of the fact that it works naturally on its own without any addition chemicals and it runs on low energy, it is easy to use and its process of conduct is very arranged.

The technology of the membrane is used to describe a different number of the characteristic of separate processes. These processes are of the same are the same because the membrane is used in all of them. There are various methods to enable substances to penetrate a membrane. Examples of these methods are the  membrane and the introduction of an electric potential.

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